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                  Jiangmen Loud&Louder Electronics Ltd is located in Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province. We are a professional manufacturer of multifunctional megaphone and multifunctional flashlight. We integrate the development, produce, sale and service in one.
                  We empolder and produce the "Loud" Multi-functional high light Megaphone and the multifunctional flashlight
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                  Name: SH-131
                  Amplification MP3 player (can be inserted U disk, TF card) Radio (FM)
                  Name: L-9LA(Li Cell)
                  • Megaphone • Record • Play • Alarm (110 and 119) • Lighting • MP3(TF Card,USB) • Electric quantity
                  Name: L-3LA[L-1LA1]
                  • Megaphone • Whistle • Record
                  Name: L-4LA[L-1LA2]
                  • Megaphone • Alarm (110 or 119) • Whistle • Record
                  Name: L-5LA[L-1LA3]
                  • Megaphone • Alarm (110 or 119) • Whistle • Record • Lighting